Pandemic demands you to behave like humans!

Be merciful to those on the earth and the One in the heavens will have mercy upon you.”

“Verily whoever does not show mercy will not be shown mercy.”

(Muhammad P.B.U.H)

I don’t know what you should think about those people who are doing the things in the midst of this horrible pandemic, the things which are utterly shameful and vicious. I am talking about the cold-hearts who just detect an item needed for “just a part of treatment” of corona patients and stock them to earn some pieces of currency as they think that it can provide them their “wished state of richness”. Oh man! I want to tell you that you will be disappointed because even if you succeed to stock all oxygen cylinders in country and have plasma stocks for all patients and you sell them on your wished price, STILL THERE WOULD BE NO CHANCE TO HAVE A SLIGHT DECREASE IN YOUR GREEDINESS.  

“Competition in (worldly) increase diverts you. Until you visit graves. No! You are going to know. Then no! You are going to know. No! If you only see with knowledge of certainty. You will surely see the hellfire. Then you will surely see it with the eye of certainty. Then you will surely be asked that day about pleasure”

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Quran (Al-Takathur)

How dumbly we expect and ask for the mercy of Allah to get rid away from this pandemic while this is happening all around us? Even the stockers can go to such low level of humanity that just a single news line on just one channel or even whatsApp is enough for them to do so. I mean who are you to make breathing difficult for someone? Isn’t it a murder type attempt or even worse than that? And it is nausea-tic for me to listen the things like “Government is not able to stop this”, “law enforcement is weak” and “it is like this in this country”. It is totally true that government and administration are responsible to stop such activities in society BUT are we soul-less people or have we made ourselves legal-murderers? Is it like following?

Question: Why are you stocking injections and medicines in this needy situation?

Answer: Because prime minister is not able to have check on me.

Greediness has no limits

So Mr. Stocker, I don’t know if you are going to answer this in a court or directly to God but the whole society feeling this pain of this swelling which is unbearable. While I was writing this post, I found a video on Facebook by Amnesty International describing that Pakistanis are leading in helping each other during this difficult time of corona virus pandemic which is a lesson for other nations. That is true and that is a matter of pride. There are number of people donating plasma and helping others financially and those people should be our symbols to be represented as nation but for taking that pride we should all behave like humans. We should name and shame those people and discourage them aggressively in any form and in any case. It matters for humanity. It matters for our survival as humans. In last let’s remember one of my favorite legends the great Abdul-Sattar Edhi who quotes “No religion is higher than humanity”

Humanity is the best religions – Abdul Sattar Edhi

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