Fitness is important BUT fitness of a woman is MOST important!

The MAIN REASON of mentioning is NOT because women are supposed to do household work or bearing kids and bringing up them so they should e healthy, instead it is because health and fitness of a woman is neglected in our society. These are some common concept given by majority of middle class families to their daughters as following

  • Girls should actively do household work so that they remain fit and smart
  • After marriage, weight increase is common; it will be happen with you too.
  • Running, fitness gyms, jogging and lifting weights is odd concept for girls (it is not our culture). Boys do these things (what the hell?).

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Dear “these-concepts followers”, girls and women need strong arms and legs too. Apart from daily household work, a woman needs a proper time for walking in routine and taking care if your body is fit as it should be. You must be aware of your body. You should know if your weight is increasing or decreasing. It is because you can plan well to alter the workout for your body.  As far our CULTURE to restrict women from exercise workout is concerned it is like that because IN PAST, in our grand-parents time, women had such high exercise based work like long walks in every type of weather and all that things which were much more that cooking and cleaning. That workout was really based on their muscle in movement and kept them strong and fit. But today we neither have those types of things to do nor is it possible. So we need to have an alternative for this. Keep it in mind that exercise is that workout with make you feeling pain and your muscles goes in tired stayed. It is not like making 5 round of a park gossiping with your friend or squatting 5 times and then leave because you are tired. The principle is that when you feel pain, weakness start leaving your body.

Fitness is also not attached to a gym. If cannot go to a park for morning walk it is also not a matter to be worried. You can do something at home which can be enough for you to stay fit. You can walk for 30 minutes daily at home. You can do some squatting or pushup in your room. There is no need to tell everyone even. An imaginary string skipping (just by moving your hands and jumping) is also an easiest one. BUT you must do it in routine and constant time which you can increase gradually if you want.

Women fitness is most important
Fitness is a life style

As we know that a healthy body has a healthy mind but in this case first you have to make mind that your body MUST BE fit. There should be no other choice or compromise. It is because at the end the thing with which you have to survive till the last moment of your life is your OWN BODY.  It is for your stronger tomorrow. It should be so that you may not need to have a support of someone in daily routine.

Strong women will make a stronger world and powerful women mean powerful future. It is the ultimate thing that should be believed and practiced.





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