Don’t Offline the education…. Be Online!

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I wonder if it is limited duration of this online learning stuff or we are gradually entering the era forever, which we have read in stories like “online school”, “personalized course for each student” etc. It is really a matter to think upon. If the second situation is true, which I expect, there is something really new coming in lives of kids and parents or upcoming kids and parents.

It covers the new aspects of your schedule and supervision of your kid for his or her education. If this can be true it also means, that for mothers, the old fashion of sending kids to school and having a free time to complete other tasks or going to job with no worry about kids (because he is in school) CAN BE OVER. Also read my Blog on best responsibility of a mother

In our society, especially where parents have always been calling their kids away from laptop and smartphone to concentrate on their studies while a new generation convincing their moms and dads about use of these gadgets in study and now the scenario has changed in this ways that parents will make their kids sit in front of those gadget for a considerable time duration. It needs great care and focusing for moms

  • Now a teacher who was thought to be like substitute of parent in school, that thing will not work completely. He/ She will not see if your kid is focusing on study. you will have to look into matter.
  • A lot of counseling and checking in required if your kid is actually taking class or busy in some other activities.

Another issue which is not instant and not related to study may be not realized by many parents, but gradually it can badly affect your child mind and social behavior. It is about his class fellows, his classroom, his school corridors, his morning assembly and his playground.

  • If he do not have fellows around him, his chances of self-grooming and ability of friends choice, behavior learning can be lost.
  • By losing his classroom and assembly, the feelings and learning of discipline and a sense of professionalism which was grown by the seed of responsibility can be lost.
  • An obviously playground and games;  you must do something to make sure that your kid remain physically fit although the sense of teamwork cannot be fulfilled easily at home but some arrangement must be there so that your kids can play outdoor games without being effected by Pandemic.
Online Classes: What are the problems

There is a great need to find substitutes for all these features of a school if we are moving towards online education in future or at least for a long time. Unfortunately, instead of finding solution to these possible problems, we are still facing the issues like unavailability of internet in remote areas etc. which is making education questionable in this era and on the top of this, we are also hearing the whispers of objection by parents for “my kids takes his class on laptop” and “how his teacher is teaching him?”.

Pray for the pandemic to end shortly and PLEASE stand with online education. It is a bad habit of our nation that we oppose every new thing and call it a “Dangerous alien” without looking into the matter. Read my Blog “Be Young, be modern and go for change…”

Help each other & Support each other in difficult time.

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