Kashmir: where flowers burn in hell like fire

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For how long the flowers of paradise will burn in the fire of hell?

For how long cruel will laugh on the tears of innocence?

Neither Zubair’s family knows where he was taken from his home at night nor does Sara’s mother want her horrible imaginations to be real about her daughter. But both of these families and many others like them have suspects and fears about their beloved one who are or “can be” gone. With each day passing, their suspects had been becoming darker and more intense; suspects about their kidnapped; suspects about kidnappers; suspects about killers; suspects about Kashmir, until 5th of august, 2019. The day, a country known to be as largest democratic state in world did something which can be biggest undemocratic activity in the world. Thousands of Zubairs and Saras have similar stories in the last 70 years.

When the Leaders of western world will feel ashamed of them, talking about democracy and freedom when they address on world forums and then reaching out to the Indian pockets to take out billions of dollars and don’t care that for how many young boys and girls are disappeared from their home, for how long a whole state remain in silent and dead curfewA misled path of trade goes into hell of disasters.

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In modern state relations not only money works better that ethics but double face also works better that that of single. But this principle can never master the law of nature that falsehood and cruelty are always disappeared and there rises the truth. When the suppressed ones become “emergers”, they emerge into amazing society which the planet needs and deserves. I rather want to ask that how, a group of five countries (Having veto power), out of which only one share the geographical area with Pakistan, Kashmir and India and three do not even share the continent, can decide that what should and what should not be done to the people of Kashmir. How they can understand ground realities of a state which is under lockdown from almost a month? And if they can, what they had understood in last 70 years? Print, electronic or social media, no matter of which country and nation it is, can never be true representative of public passions and wishes. Rather it is selected one. From the one side of border Television and newspapers show you that people in Kashmir are badly mutilated, punished, kidnapped or killed by Indian Army and from other side you got a narrative of “all is very well” in Kashmir. But if the media by chance, few and far, promote the voice of people of Jammu and Kashmir, the world is even deaf and dumb to that. It seems that the terms like ‘international community’, ‘global village’ and ‘international relations’ only applies when leaders of the states wear the special glasses which cut off all views other that exchange of dollars or trade ships. Anyhow the disability of all stakeholders to listen and sort out any acceptable situation now led to the horrible condition of Kashmir with two surrounding nuclear states who are casting shadows of war like climate on each other.

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What may be the result of this situation (that may be not as simple as this sentence is), whether international organizations and states try to help Kashmiris and to avoid any devastating scenario, Kashmir would be free soon. Kashmir would be free soon but the toxicity of this criminal silence will turn out to be a deadly poison for those who prefer investment of money over the investment of humanity. 

The important thing to remember is that a system based on such heinous cruelty is not sustainable and fit to the laws of nature; it must keep boiling and someday come up with out of box results with nothing left to stop it. It is actually a question on our humanity that how we can bear to know that little kids are witnessing gunmen killing their elders in front of them. It is shameful to think but do some people consider them a low human being. Do we only supposed to raise the voice or passing some resolutions after some years? Are we waiting for justice of God to be done in a harsh way when nothing would be left to do? After that day we will be able to be called as HUMAN BEINGS- the creature of God?


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