Ertugrul Ghazi and Emotions Of Elevation: Why Important?

Ertugrul Ghazi; the latest Turkish T.V serial telecasted in Urdu is gaining the trend in majority Pakistani youth.  Is the hero of pre-ottoman empire era inspiring the young Pakistani minds ( at least middle class) or not? It is a question before time but the reality is that it is much needed and much more like this too. The reasons are

  • This young generation is grown up in a time and space where Islamic rituals were focus more than Islamic Culture and tradition.
  • It is not fantasized by Islamic values of  Love, Care, Trust, Promise, Truth, Help, Respect, Freedom and so this generation learn these values from experience and from heroes in foreign movies (because hero is always shown with high character) and so their culture too.
  • On the whole, at global level, the image of Islamic adventures and conquests is stated by ISIS, AL-Qaeda and other fighter organizations (labeled as “Global Terrorists”) instead of Ottomans, Tipu Sultan, Ghaznavi, Salahiddin-Ayubi, Muhammad bin Qasim, Alp Arsalan, Nuruddin Zangi, Razia Sultana, Sher Shah Suri,  and a long list of others which SHOULD BE explained to our young generation in a fantastic way. Otherwise, these days our kids and grown up youth take these stories as old fashioned and boring folk tales.

An evergreen problem is also that society and culture is always driven by elite class from where it reaches upper middle and then middle class (forming the majority).  This is the way we are being saturated with English seasons (which is not bad in my opinion, but that should not under-score own history). Those seasons should not make us blind (in fact embarrassed-eyed) towards our own stories and the events which are a source of inspiration and pride.

History and National Development

While Turkey has done an excellent job by making a wonderful series of Ertugrul, the main theme is not his life, the main idea and theme is bravery, self-respect, discipline, principles and other morals. But other than that, a viewer is inspired by past of our ancestors and their ways of life. How they carried out the daily routine and dealings with others? What was the basis of friendship and family relations? How they respected and protected love?

Emotions of Elevation:

The sense of pride and affection by the heroic tales is termed as emotions of elevation. This emotion first time termed by Jefferson is provoked by perceiving a virtuous acts of remarkable moral goodness. It is experienced as a distinct feeling of warmth and expansion that is accompanied by appreciation and affection for the individual whose exceptional conduct is being observed which we can surely experience in tales of Heros.


This emotion of elevation helps to increase our social behavior, positive thinking and improve the recovering of depressed and anxious people. A study done in University of Cambridge in 2010 found that the people having emotion of elevation are more likely to volunteer themselves for an unpaid work and spent long time in a task regarding other’s benefit or help. Interestingly, it also increases sense of spirituality according to another study (2013) by seeing someone working for goodness of other above his own self.

Ertugrul Ghazi Qoutes

We, regarding culture, are now enough submerged to the bottom of lake and it is time to be expelled out. It does not seem possible to remain there for a more generation time. So from the T.V serials to University Events we need to glorify our past in the truest way.

And the most important is that

 “Until the lion learns how to write, every story will glorify the hunter.”